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Spring Link Blues

An afternoon in the garden fitting a new (another) pedal shaft to the moby, thanks go to the girl who clumped into me on the roundabout at Knowle (that my friends is another true story).

Anyway, whilst it's all in bits time to cleanup and spray the drive pulley. And also why not replace the old wiring that's been there for 40+ years. All done and ready for a test run. Evening approaches and why not visit other WACC'ers in the county. Off I plod around the country lanes on this pleasant evening. Twelve miles out in rural Warwickshire (middle of nowhere), clunk, clank, crunch, stop.

Oh botheration (polite version), the back wheels jammed, looks like the chains off. OK, so the situation is no tools, no spares, nobody in sight. Ha, ha thinks me, have mobile so I'll phone other helpful members for assistance. First one's in the pub with brother and unfit for assistance (I suspect), besides he's not answering his mobile.

Second attempt yields little as phone is constantly engaged (must be on WEB again searching for moped deals), dame, I don't have his mobile. I know, I'll e-mail him on the snazzy mobile, whoops I changed the e-mail password on PC and mobile's out of sync (another reason not to let the PC remember your password perhaps), phone still engaged after 1.5 hours. I'll try directory inquiries and phone his neighbour. No, they won't help without a name. Thanks very much. And to cap it all battery on mobile now gives up.

Time to change tack. Two pence in wallet removes rear chain cover, and yes the spring links gone (did I put it back correctly? Who knows too late now). Time for plan B, find something to put the greasy chain in. I'm in luck as someone pulls up in car offering a plastic bag! I switch to peddle mode having removed the offending chain. Off I head south to Warwick, a distant of some ten miles at about 7.3333333 mph. It's a long ten miles as this bike seems heavier than the other one I ride around town (by a factor of 50). The Sun by now is starting to set, what kept me going you ask, well the thought of toast and wine on my return. One hour something later I arrive and I wonder when the lanes of Warwickshire last saw a pedal powered AV89 Moby pass by? Did it ever? Still I can't complain it's the first time it's stopped (and it's probably my doing).

The moral of this true story folks, always carry your tools, ensure your e-mail password works on your mobile, and make sure you've got your fellow WACC'ers mobile number. Otherwise, be prepared to peddle (if you have this luxury option available of course).

Safe Riding


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