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Loose Exhaust Nut - fixed

Just back from a trip to Borth (and back), some 300+ miles. All well apart from the exhaust (resulting in oil being embedded into my shoes). My fault really I guess, but I'm planning the big one this summer. Some 2000+ miles and I really don't want anything becoming loose resulting in oil over my easy rider sandals. I won't be carrying a 3Lb 35mm wrench to tighten things down with.

The best I can do for loose 35mm exhaust nuts will be a hammer and a rock. So here's what I did to ensure that the nut isn't going to come loose again. The application of some aircraft-locking wire.

Items required: 1.2mm HSS drill, Electric drill, dremmel drill (with grinder), locking wire, locking wire pliers (a bonus) and 40 minutes of time (60 including this item).

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