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Wisp Carb Fix, by Les Gray

Raleigh Wisp Tick Over Fault Cured I have five Raleigh Wisps and not a single one of them was capable of smoothly ticking over, until today that is. The problem is now resolved and the first two given the simple treatment tick over as sweet as a nut.

For the last six moths the combined brainpower of the Waccerís local members has been deployed on the problem. Many hours have been spent on the problem, we tried everything, new crank shaft seals, adjusting every conceivable variable on the machines, new components, substituting components with no effect. All the machines run but just will not tick over (very embarrassing) itís been maddening. Perhaps they never did even when they were new was the conclusion. sell the lot. But no, here is the simple solution and itís not in the Raleigh manual.

I had often thought the Wisp Carb. was unbelievably simple, too simple I thought theres nothing in it. Looking at a stripped down carburettor for the thousandth time I found that the tiny brass part that you can see at the bottom of the slider chamber actually comes out. Its opposite end can be seen when the main jet is removed, It slides out easy with a tap from a blunted nail through the main jet opening to reveal itself. Itís a brass sleeve about the size of a 13 Amp fuse, I think that in every carburettor I have this componant has never seen the light of day Itís the long lost complex bit of the carb. Dirty and all blocked up, cleaning revealed two tiny holes drilled through its sides and I cleaned them out with a strand of the wire from a brass wire brush. Reassembled and refitted to the bike and the bike ticks over perfect, I did a second bike the same day and had the same result. Only three more to do!!.

Safe Riding

Les Gray

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